Holy Hiking Boots


In Holy Hiking Boots, Rebecca Carrell invites us into her everyday encounters with God. Moment by moment, she reveals Jesus as her best friend and encourages others to embrace Him in the same way. She paints pictures with stories that reflect her deep passion and experience with the Word of God. This book is for everyone who longs to know Christ in a more intimate and beautiful way. Grab this book and your Bible and step into the adventure of a lifetime.

—Jan Greenwood, Equip Pastor

Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas



A follow-up to Rebecca Carrell’s Christian Literary Award-winning Holy JellybeansHoly Hiking Boots: How God Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary is a delightful and heartwarming book designed to draw readers closer to the Heart of Christ. Pulling from her experience as both a mother and a former “professional pit-hopper,” Rebecca masterfully weaves story and Scripture in a way that makes you want to lean in and learn more.

Holy Hiking Boots is encouragement, inspiration, and theology in chewable bites. As a wife and mother, co-host of “Mornings With Jeff & Rebecca” on 90.9 KCBI in Dallas, sought-after conference and retreat speaker, and student at Dallas Theological Seminary, Rebecca understands both the fast pace of life and the need to “be still and know.” Holy Hiking Boots provides a rest stop for the restless heart and a warm blanket of comfort for the troubled soul. God is still the God of wonders. He still hears our cries and sees our pain, and as Rebecca shows us, when we walk with Him and seek Him in Scripture, He touches the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

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