Why She Speaks

Rebecca speaks because she passionately believes that Christ Jesus is the answer.  “You didn’t tell us the question,” you might say, and you’re right.  The question, the need, the longing is almost irrelevant in the face of a Sovereign God who holds all things together and will one day make all things new.  The restlessness, the loneliness, the disquieting sense of “not-quite-rightness” we all feel is because we were made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, but sin has stained the canvas and fractured the picture.

The answer is Christ Jesus–reconciliation to God the Father through the work of His Son by the power of His Holy Spirit.

And our world, in a way, knows this. We, being people who know and love the Lord, see it every day, in others and ourselves. We try to fill the void with temporal stuff that doesn’t work, and when it fails us, we move on to something else. In her own life, it has looked like popularity, approval, alcohol, being skinny, food, a boyfriend, a fiance, a kid, another kid, notoriety, and on and on she could go.

God allowed Rebecca to come to the end of herself in 2009 before He gently said, “Here and no further. This is as far as you go. Now you have to choose. My way or your way.”

So here we are. Rebecca, along with you, is stumbling along, tripping and falling along the way, trying to share the treasure she has discovered:

We’ve made it so difficult! I know you want to know the plan; you want to know what you’re supposed to do and which way you’re supposed to go. God’s plan for our lives is very simple: Follow His Son. But we won’t follow someone we don’t trust. We can’t trust someone we don’t know. And you cannot know Christ apart from His Word.”

Knowing Christ changes everything. Does it take away our pain? No. But Christ always answers our pain with His Presence. Does it put an end to our suffering? No, but it gives our suffering great purpose (Phil. 1:12-14). Does it mean we will be healed of our infirmities? Possibly, but even better than that, it means we are clothed in an irremovable suit of forgiveness (Rom. 8:1), draped in stain-resistant robes of righteousness (Rom. 8:30), and eagerly anticipate a body raised imperishable (1 Cor. 15:42).

Knowing Christ changes everything. And once we have tasted this grace, how can we not share it? How can we not “press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of” us (Phil. 3:12)?

But you can’t know Christ apart from His Word.  And His Word is why she speaks.  So that every woman will know Christ.  So that YOU will know Christ!